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Milestone: networkx-1.6 (59 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#588 a problem in nx.connected_compoment_subgraphs() dschult defect high networkx networkx-1.5
#620 Bug in edge_betweenness_centrality aric defect high networkx networkx-1.4
#482 Output JSON for graph visualization aric enhancement normal networkx
#501 Add subgraph centrality, betweenness, communicability aric enhancement normal networkx
#530 Cuthill-McKee algorithm aric enhancement normal networkx
#539 Graph Product Operations aric enhancement normal networkx
#560 Use iterators in python 3 idioms when possible aric enhancement normal networkx
#563 Read NodeLabel for yEd graphml files aric enhancement normal networkx
#566 Add a label check when testing for isomorphism (graph mining) cellison enhancement normal networkx
#567 Deleting edges from reverse() graph affects original dschult defect normal networkx
#568 Add Zipf random value generator aric defect normal networkx
#569 Please let user specify the position of the edge label drawn by draw_networkx_edge_labels Aric Hagberg <aric.hagberg@…> enhancement normal networkx.drawing
#570 false calculation of average_clustering dschult defect normal networkx
#571 Documentation does not reflect argument name change for betweenness_centrality aric defect normal networkx
#573 Change keywords to from weighted=True to weight= aric defect normal networkx
#574 New method for graphs called get_edge_weight() dschult enhancement normal networkx
#575 Some tests for the edges method are using neighbors instead. dschult defect normal networkx
#580 Use of CSR sparse matrices in link_analysis aric enhancement normal networkx
#584 fast_gnp_random_graph shouldn't allow self loops in directed case aric defect normal networkx
#585 Random Geometric Graph 'pos' attribute missing aric defect normal networkx
#587 labels in nx.draw_network_edges_labels documentation Dan Schult <dschult@…> defect normal networkx.drawing dev
#590 Write support for shapefiles aric enhancement normal networkx
#592 fix typos for bipartite projection documentation aric defect normal networkx
#595 Add bipartite G_mn random network generator aric enhancement normal networkx
#596 Fix long function names in documentation loicseguin enhancement normal networkx
#597 decorator for clean file closing for PyPy compatability bedwards enhancement normal networkx
#599 Clean up and organize utils aric defect normal networkx
#600 Tests fail on i386 aric defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#602 Make sure node names with blanks are quoted in Pajek export format aric defect normal networkx
#603 networkx.test() fails when run from source directory aric defect normal networkx
#604 networkx trac site is slow aric defect normal networkx
#605 Estrada index aric enhancement normal networkx
#606 Bipartite functions not working on DiGraphs correctly. aric defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#609 Add algorithm for finding articulation points and biconnected components aric enhancement normal networkx
#610 Failed to retrieve attributes of the nodes, edges and a graph to be displayed with Graphviz utility aric defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#612 Order of nodes in expected_degree_graph() doesn't match order of input weights aric defect normal networkx
#614 Add incidence matrix routine dschult enhancement normal networkx
#615 Graphml attribute key should be int not integer aric defect normal networkx
#616 random_regular_graph error when setting create_using to something different than None aric defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#617 Handle capacity=0 better in network simplex flow algorithm aric enhancement normal networkx
#618 Infinite loop in network simplex loicseguin defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#622 GraphML reader parses "false" as boolean True aric defect normal networkx
#623 Write GML booleans as int aric defect normal networkx
#624 bug in find_cliques() or...? aric defect normal networkx networkx-1.5
#631 add new decorator package to aric defect normal networkx dev
#632 pypy compatibility aric enhancement normal networkx
#633 is_connected(G,i,j) aric enhancement normal networkx networkx-1.2
#634 refactor aric task normal networkx
#635 Support SVGNode and ImageNode labels from Graphml aric defect normal networkx
#636 Add approximate current-flow betweenness algorithm aric enhancement normal networkx
#637 max_flow (ford_fulkerson) fails for simple disconnected graphs aric defect normal networkx
#638 Add approximate shortest-path betweenness centrality algorithms aric enhancement normal networkx
#643 condensation() could use integer node ids and less memory aric enhancement normal networkx
#646 PageRank giving same values for all nodes in complex DiGraph aric defect normal networkx
#647 parsing matplotlib version number in nx_pylab dschult defect normal networkx
#648 current flow betweenness subset functionality aric enhancement normal networkx networkx-1.5
#649 Add algorithm to generate random graph from given degree sequence aric enhancement normal networkx
#650 Average In-degree and Out-degree connectivity do not test for in-degree or out-degree aric defect normal networkx
#629 incorrect in complete_graph() aric defect low networkx dev
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